Kane lives … again

Command & Conquer 4: Tiberian Twilight is now available for purchase at EB, JB … OMG! And I haven’t bought it yet. Reason: I do not want to fail my first wave of uni assignments. Now that’s dedication.

I was born to play this game, seriously. My father indoctrinated me when I was young.

I have played all C&C games from Tiberian Dawn to Kane’s Wrath. I even enjoyed the B-grade acting evident in all of the cut-scenes found in between the singleplayer missions.

Right now, as I type this, I am struggling to fight the urge to skip class in order to procure my copy of C&C 4.

Despite harsh reviews over the C&C 4’s departure from tried-and-true C&C tropes (sidebar, harvesting, bases), I am game to play it.

The storyline is the most compelling aspect of this release because, as all C&C fan boys know, this is Kane’s swan song. For those who don’t know who Kane is … he’s a bald, bearded white dude who keeps coming back from the dead to lead his cult (the Brotherhood of Nod) to their, his, ambiguous goal of ‘Ascension’.

All will be revealed, I hope, in this crazy RTS SF romp.

The Tiberium Prophet poses with NOD officer

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