Divine interruption

There’s nothing like waking to a barking dog only to learn that bible bashers just harassed my Mum and then waltzed their merry way down our street to annoy the neighbors. All wasn’t doom and gloom though, or was it?

Having just wished Daniel Woronka a ‘HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DUDE’ on FB, I find an official Primus group thingy.

For the un-initiated, Primus is an awesome, influential alternative rock band. Pigeonholing this band is difficult because their sound is bizarre to say the least, and—again—awesome to say the most.

Imagine heavy, funky bass solos, drums that go boom, whiny electric guitar riffs and an equally whiny redneck-esque vocalist. Strange combination but it does work. Shut up, it does.

If you can’t imagine then watch and listen. Can you spot the typo?

Back to the website of delight: http://primusville.com/

Further inspection reveals a totally dinkum page with a link to a flashy majig.

It’s an elevator. Each level opens and shows album art referring to a particular Primus album. When we reach the top floor though, floor twelve, there’s a psychedelic question mark. Does this mean a new album or a new tour?

There are links at the bottom of the page to the Bull Board (forum for fans to squabble over the future and the past), a Myspace page and Club Bastardo (where you buy their shite).

Is it pudding time? I hope it’s soon.


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