AVP review

The latest Aliens versus Predator PC game serves as an interesting current gen FPS. For those who haven’t played Rebellion’s previous titles, AVP is a SF nerd’s wet dream where the question—what if the films Aliens and Predator converged?—is explored.

Well, they’d mate to spawn the ultimate SF hybrid—supposedly.

This is Rebellion’s third attempt and doesn’t bring anything too innovative or new to the game, other than pretty graphics and a very simple close combat system.

The novelty of going hand-to-hand or claw-to-claw with your adversary whether it be a xenomorph, human or Rastafarian alien wears off quicker than a fake tattoo.

Singleplayer comprises three campaigns, which is typical of the franchise: marine, predator and alien. Like its predecessors, it’s all action and bugger all plot, which is a shame because there’s a missed opportunity to weave an intricate plot between three unique perspectives.

I’m sure there’s enough graphic novel material out there to cobble a more compelling narrative than what’s on offer here. After all, this basic story has been done before, why repeat it?

Through the course of your adventures, you do sample the staple arsenal. The iconic pulse rifle and its unique burst sound; predator’s disc (killer Frisbee) and his wrist blades; and the xenomorph’s tail of death and its sharp appendages.

Throughout the solo missions, Doom 3’s influences are obvious. You can collect audio diaries when you’re a marine … yippee.

When I played through I ignored them. Why? It slows the pace of the game and I got over listening to soldiers and people freaking out about aliens. Very tacky.

Multiplayer is entertaining if you like camping with a shoulder cannon. I’m not sure if the servers are shocking or people just aren’t interested, but every time I try to play online i’m lucky to join a game with three other people in it! At least the older AVP game had, and still has, a more lively online community.

All the classic map types are available (team deathmatch, deathmatch, free-for-all etc) and there’s even species deathmatch, where you play in teams according to your character’s biology.

Survival mode (marines versus hordes of xenomorphs) plays a little differently. Instead of playing on a large-ish and open environment you are confined to a tiny level of corridors. The main problem with playing online is that there’s hardly anyone around to play with.

Maybe this will change in time. I doubt it. Fans of the old will most likely stick to what they like.

Overall, AVP plays and feels exactly like the older games, but this time it looks shiny. Singleplayer is too brief and multiplayer sucks compared to the likes of Modern Warfare 2 and AVP’s predecessors. There is no incentive to jump back into the action once the storylines have been completed (if you can be bothered with the Alien stuff).

Fans expect a higher quality product when they have the past to fall back on.

I rate AVP 3/10.


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