Who is following Who?

Last week’s episode of Doctor Who was hilarious,  different and reassuring. As my sister(s) said, Matt Smith looks much better on-screen that he does in the photos (even though the photos are displayed on a screen too).

For reviews and more information regarding The Eleventh Hour, check out: http://gallifreynewsbase.blogspot.com/

The Whovians feared that Smith was going to be an inferior Tennant clone, while more casual fans weren’t comfortable with accepting someone so young, and possibly inadequate, for the role.


Our eleventh incarnation of the Doctor has succeeded in subverting our prejudices and concerns, for the moment.

Doc 11 in his refurbished TARDIS

He likes to run around,  speak very fast, do bizarre things (like eat fish fingers in custard) and flaunts his (now iconic) tweed jacket.

Oh, and he now owns a  green sonic screwdriver (‘thanks dear’, the Doc says lovingly to the TARDIS console as he snatches his new toy).

Yeah, the first ep is a post-regeneration escapade where the Doc crash lands on Earth in his broken TARDIS and only has 20 minutes to save the world from prisoner zero and the eyeball ships known as the Atraxi (http://www.bbc.co.uk/doctorwho/dw/characters/Prisoner_Zero).

She's not a qualified Police person

We also meet  a new companion. Amy Pond.  Redheaded Scottish girl/woman. She is an interesting character (kissogram) having met the Doc as a child and then over a decade later.

The forums discuss her mental state as a result of her past interactions with the cosmic hobo. This is an intriguing depth to Pond, hopefully the writers develop it further.

As the season’s arc unfolds, we’ll be able to critique and compare the new Doctor Who with the old properly.

Though, I do have one point to criticise. And that is how the new Doctor Who is Earth-centric. From Eccleston to Tennant and now Smith we have lots of  stories and major events that are based around Earth.

The third Doctor was exiled to Earth and so the majority of his adventures were with UNIT (sometimes involving the Master) in England because the Time Lords sabotaged the Doc’s (borrowed) TARDIS and he had no choice but to hang locally and help out.

The difference here is that these three Doctors have chosen to spend most of their time defending Earth, which is fine but I take issue to the frequency of Earth-centric stories.

Back in the day, the Doctor explored the universe and helped aliens on distant planets.

Doctor Who, today, gets a little dull when we constantly see the familiar.

Initially, I thought Earth-centric stories were fine, seeing as the franchise was rebooted and was garnering a new audience.

The time to leave Earth more regularly was three seasons ago.

But I digress …

Even in space we can't evade the Union Jack!

Episode 2 entitled The Beast Below, features the Daleks. And yes I am downloading it now.


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