The teacher marks while the pupil scores

I found Professor Robert Pascoe to be intellectually intimidating while I was interviewing him. This, in hindsight, was good and bad.

Good in the sense that I walked away with 52 minutes of Rob’s life on my phone and barely legible scrawls on my girlfriend’s notepad.

The tedious part was re-listening to the interview (numerous times) and simultaneously trying to follow the map that was my notes. The discussion deviated from my script of questions and so I had to modify my initial structure of my written piece, for the better.

Overall, the experience taught me to be more spontaneous and opportunistic with my interview techniques.

Before the interview was arranged I had pre-conceived ideas about Rob. I thought his scope was narrow and purely focused on footy.

Smile. Photo taken by Luke Applebee

As we conversed the footy nutter stereotype I framed him in eventually fell apart. Well, sort of.

Rob regularly visits his favourite club’s fansite Demonology.

Like me, he’s a writer. Rob used to read Keith Dunstan’s ‘Black & White’ columns in the Melbourne Sun (now Herald Sun), which delved into Melbourne life from an ironic, detached kind of way.

Rob’s interests in writing have always been driven by his non-fictional interests.

‘If I teach something and I like it, then typically it ends up being a book.’


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