Doctor says

Matt Smith mentions ‘perception filters’ as frequently as Jon Pertwee was renowned for ‘reversing the polarity of the neutron flow’.

So we’re halfway through the latest season of modern Who—at least you are if you’ve been keeping up with BBC’s broadcasts—and we’ve  reached that point where the arc slumps. Episode 6, Vampires in Venice, was the first of Smith’s adventures which wasn’t very exciting at all.

Previously, the Doctor and Amy rode a star whale, tangled with the Daleks and tricked weeping angels. River Song’s wibbley-wobbley-timey-wimey appearance was so epic that the Gallifrey Base forums were—and still are—teeming with posts, speculating as to whether she is the Doctor’s future wife, the E-spacing Romana or the renegade timelady Rani!

Last week’s episode was all well and groovy until Amy kissed the Doctor. I thought we saw the end of all that when RTD passed his coronet and sash of Rassilon to the Moff. Anyway …

As a result of surviving near-death, Amy—randomly—attempts to get jiggy with our lovable timelord. In the Dr Who next time … To undermine Amy’s awkward advances, the Doctor bursts out of her soon-to-be husband’s stag party cake and whisks them off for a romantic trip to Venice (in the olden days.You can tell by the gothic typeface in the opening scene).

After some typical exploration, or running, we learn that the vampires are actually fish (shit, spoiler alert) and hilarity ensues as Rory sword fights man/fish dude with a broom  only to be emasculated as Amy cremates the man/fish dude by reflecting ‘sunflash’ at it. Meanwhile the Doctor recovers from electric shock,  saves Venice from extreme rain and attempts to empathise with queen woman/fish before she drowns herself (not particularly in this  order).

Strangely, the Whovians in the forums are not flaming Vampires of Venice and are instead discussing the  Dream Lord: teaser for next week’s episode. Bizarre on both counts.

According to trailers and snippets online we are expecting to see the Cybermen and the Silurians again. Perhaps the writers are keeping the stronger stories for the later half of the series?

Hopefully we do not see another story this season that is is worse than Vampires in Venice or bangs on about perception filters.


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