Black Dynamite is on DVD, you dig? I’ve seen this 2009 black exploitation homage three times and it still cracks me up. Everything from the ‘nam flashback where Dynamite describes a fragile and injured ‘Chinese’ [sic] boy to the soundtrack which blatantly explains the plot (‘Somebody broke into Jimmy’s pad, are they still there? Sucka could be anywhere’) is consistently amusing.

Warning: to enjoy this quadrophonic cinematic experience you should not take this story seriously. Essentially, we follow Black Dynamite, in the context of the 1970s, as he wages war on those responsible for the death of his brother. At just over 80 minutes, this film is paced well and escalates from brawls to gun fights to Kung Fu treachery.

Overall, Black Dynamite is a tight and humorous screen play with several genuine plot twists and numerous intended inconsistencies. The final scene reminds me of Dick Justice (one of the TV shows you can watch in the game Max Payne) because it encapsulates the melodramatic construction of an African-American hero in a patriarchal and capitalist society where masculinity reigns supreme.

There are a few promotional vids on Youtube that are hilarious in their own right. Here’s one of them.


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