‘It’s going back in.’

The ‘IT Crowd’ are back to regale us for a fourth season of essential British comedy. Don’t fret if you have never seen this show before because story arcs are not necessarily important. The entertainment lies in the situation and the dialogue.

You’ll meet two computer engineers Roy (Chris O’Dowd) and Moss (Richard Ayoade) as well as their supervisor, Jen, (Katherine Parkinson). They endure their jobs in the basement level of the building, but don’t think that the show is dull as a result. Quite the contrary, it is their isolation that encourages them to indulge in their own wackiness which almost always results in something outrageous to occur. And then there’s the hilariously misogynistic Douglas (Matt Berry) who is the boss, the man who currently runs Reynholm Industries from the peak of the corporate hierarchy. Like the others, Douglas and causes problems too.

In this most recent episode entitled Jen the Fredo, Jen pursues an entertainment manager position that she’s read in the company newsletter. Moss enthusiastically talks about D&D while Rory is struggling to deal with a recent break up. These factors coalesce and develop a well-rounded story as Jen attempts to entertain Douglas’s business buddies. To say anymore would spoil a fantastic start to a new season.

The writing is tight and the cast is small—a testament to the quality of the program. I hope The IT Crowd continues its tradition of being fresh and humorous. Move to England and watch it on TV or download the torrent and when the DVDs are released, purchase it.


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