Poo flood rhymes with

HBO cinephiles (not to be confused with HOBO mini piles), vampiric fanatics (those who may scoff at Twilight) and [insert witty remark for every other viewer outside the previous parameters] are sating their appetites for fresh True Blood.

Season three has finally premiered in America and by Godric are we in for an epic adventure. The opening scene continues chronologically from the last cliffhanger: we follow Sookie Stackhouse (Anna Paquin) from the toilets of a fancy restaurant as she walks back to her seat to realise that Bill Compton (William Thomas)—the super vampire stud she was going to say yes to in response to a marriage proposal— has been kidnapped. Meanwhile, Sam Merlotte (Sam Trammell) is on the run to find his real kin … animal shapeshifter folk. And Bon Temps—in Louisiana—is recovering from a period of hallucinogenic induced debauchery brought on by last season’s villain, the Maenad.

There is a long winded recap at the beginning of the episode for those who need the refresher or if you are new to the show then there should be a sufficient information dump to follow what’s happening.

If you’re sick of synthetic blood then you might want to try some Tru Nutz …


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