Why I remember when I were a young blond-ish lad; my musical repertoire comprised Mike Oldfield’s The Wind Chimes (parts one and two), Pink Floyd’s The Wall (CDs one and two) and Gremlin’s Space Crusade for the Amiga (floppy disks one and two).

Damn I love that faithful table-top board game adaptation. I still have the poster tacked to my wall.

My saved games are still on that floppy 🙂

I played Space Crusade so much during my Primary School years that I wrote about in a weekly journal for several weeks consecutively. My teacher at the time, Mrs M, demanded that I write about something other than ‘On the weekend I played Space Crusade’. But I did play Space Crusade on my Saturdays and Sundays. And Mondays and Tuesdays … So at my rebellious age of seven, the following week I wrote ‘On the weekend I played Motorhead’.

And yes, friends, Motorhead was a fun diversion on the Amiga—a simple Platformer where you guide Lemme to safety while blasting baddies with his guitar-gun and burp gases. Oh yeah and he likes to chug the beers you help him catch at the bar during those bonus rounds. I should’ve been playing more wholesome games like Lemmings. However, Lemmings was probably worse (ethically speaking) because if you do nothing then you’re letting those green dudes march, fall and go splat.

Years passed and all was well with my world with the following exceptions: atrocities, natural disasters and losing—or misplacing—my second shiny Machamp card.

By my late Primary education I was immersed in various RTS titles, mostly C&C. Frank Klepacki is the man-god responsible for the infamous Hell March (Red Alert). His industrial-funk-rock-whatever never gets old. Never. I still listen to the RA2 and C&C soundtracks.

Ah, High Shool. Computer club was the shizz. StarCraft and Quake 2 LAN matches. Heaven.

Before Quake 2 there was a game—Quake—that had a rather dystopic-atmospheric soundtrack. Later in life I would learn to appreciate, and sometimes despise, Trent Reznor’s compositions (of NIN fame).

Whenever I hear 80s music I think GTA: Vice City; my favourite GTA title of them all (GTAIV got a little dull halfway).

And I can’t forget ‘that song’ in Mafia 1. You know, it goes a little like this: do-do. Do. Do. Do. Do. Do-dooooo …

Anyway, I leave you with this. Best. Songs. Ever. Well, The Wind Chimes and Comfortably numb are pretty close.



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