How Luke broke his leg

Moon balls mourn the loss of their MARV

Meet Lord Ball, the ballsiest GDI player from outer space. He’s so ballsy that he broadcasts all of his tournament matches for live entertainment.

He’s surrounded his opponent’s base with a ring of predator tanks, classic tank spam. Despite the anticipated loss of Lord Ball’s  Mammoth Armed Reclamation Vehicle, the noose tightens.

It only takes one ...

Whoa. While Lord Ball spent too much time gloating, Hellbro cremates Ball’s base.

Enraged by this humiliation, Lord Ball … rage quits.

After the tournament, Hellbro sprints outside for some fresh air. He looks at his hands and wonders why they’re huge and yellow. He waits for his friends.‘Don’t be silly,’ Hellbro says to himself. ‘I don’t have REAL friends.

He runs across the field, weaving left and right. He kicks the ball and …

searing-hot crazy lightning shizz zaps Hellbro’s ankle.

The plasterfield resonator hums louder and louder. Terrrified, Lord Ball and his balls vanish. Everything returns to normal on Earth and Hellbro hops home.

Meanwhile …

Aww yeah!

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