FANZ is nothing like FONZ

Doctor Who fanatics are crazy people who should not be allowed to leave their alcoves. Don’t believe me, see FANZ.

It’s an hour-long doco that comprises interviews with amateur filmmakers, professional writers and nerdy geekoids. I found myself fast-forwarding at times. There’s only so much I can handle — and that’s saying something!

There were a few pleasant surprise interviews with people like Louise Jameson (Leela) and Nicholas Briggs (Dalek voice actor). And I say pleasant because there are some hideous people on-screen (the guy with chest hair up to his neck … what was he thinking when he left the first few buttons of his shirt undone?).

Fortunately, if you look past the fugly factor there are some cool Doctor Who collections. Two collectors seem to be obsessed with underpants. I’ll stick to my novels and figurines and Sash and Coronet of Rassilon.

Kaled omelette on toast, mmmm.

Did you know that whovians tend to find creative jobs whereas trekkies are more likely to find a job where a uniform is mandatory? This is a recurring generalisation that I’ve gleaned from FANZ. As a writer — or speaking as a mother (watch more Bill Bailey) — Doctor Who is, and has always been, a powerful source of inspiration and motivation to produce prose and poetry.  


I can rest easy tonight, safe with the knowledge that there are hairier and scarier individuals out there who embrace everything Doctor Who.


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