Triple Threat: BF3 V MW3 V Skyrim

Battlefield 3 just broke the street date and if it wasn’t for rent and bills—and poverty in general—I’d be gettin pwned by n00bs and bitchin about servers bootin me.

Despite the lack of funds, Bad Company 2 ensures that I receive my more-than-fair-share of pwnage and rage quitting. Hooray for EA …

Call of Duty fans are waiting for the imminent arrival of Modern Warfare 3, which is supposed to make BF3’s single-player look terrible by comparison.

Apparently, BF3 is copping crap for a clichéd campaign that fails to do it better than what the boys and gals at Infinity Ward and co can concoct. The hearsay is probably true but we all know that BF3 is gonna rock online.

So the popular shooters are covered, but what if you’d rather skewer rats with arrows than riddle walls with lead? If you also like dragons and magic then Skyrim might be of interest.

The Elder Scrolls will unfurl early November and I can’t wait. Assume the role of a dude or dudette as he/she engages in typical RPG shenanigans to defeat a dragon god. Maybe I can clock the game in less than a minute if I stop believing in dragons …


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