I thought there was no sound in space?

Space combat in The Old Republic is a fun diversion from the usual questing. My only criticism is that you can’t roam the black freely like you can in Star Wars: TIE Fighter (that would be sweet), but that might be asking too much of the on-rails minigame.


In the Imperial Navy


Before you could upgrade your personal starship in TOR, but not before playing with your favourite X-wing toy in the garden, there was a time where you could brave the cockpit of a Twin Ion Engine fighter.


TIE Fighter puts the player in control of one of the most pitiful starships in all of the outer rim. No shields, no proton torpedoes, no hope—at least until you gain access to the missile boats and so on.


The opening level is terrifying for two reasons: the opposing force is deadly, but so are the cargo containers that you have to inspect. To inspect a container you have to fly super-close to it, but not too close otherwise BOOM.


Many hours were spent progressing through the ranks and the secret order. Good times.





All of those blinking lasers and torpedo trails in TOR’s space battles also remind me of Star Wars: Rebel Assault, another PC classic. You begin your journey as a rookie pilot on Tatooine and after scraping throughBeggarsCanyon you join the Rebellion to seek your revengeance [sic].


If you get to the X-wing bit then you’re a patient person because the controls are very clunky. How many passes does it take to wreck a Star Destroyer? Too many.


Just when you think those bulbous shield generators are about to burst you’ve zoomed past and things get real repetitive. Those lasers sound cool to start with and then they just punctuate the tediousness of the level.


I don’t think I ever clocked Rebel Assault, but I did complete the sequel …


Behold …


Will we see another Star Wars space simulator in our lifetime? Maybe. Hope so. My Jedi Sage is at level 23 and he can deal out the healing like a game of 52 pick up! Later y’all.


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