TOR myself a new wallet hole

Persistent in the ways of the MMORPG, I am not. When did playing TOR become a tedious chore? Fat’imafatfat, the obese blue Twilek, embarked on a perilous quest to save his ailing master from the twisted Plaguemaster. Planets were visited, Rakghouls were slain, Luke got bored.

I like to play games at my own pace which is what made KOTOR fun. The flashpoints and multi-character levels in TOR are brilliant but it is tough to play with a team of friends who are at different levels. If they’re too low, you lose all HP before you can respond to the enemy or if you’re too high there’s no challenge and you simply walk through the entire dungeon. We end up doing other things (i.e. stop playing) to let others catch up although more frequentlyI find myself grinding for an entire weekend so that I can join in on the group carnage, where the real entertainment is at.

Story driven content is what makes me wanna play on. When you have an endless list of boring fetch-this quests I tend to walk away and clean my room or find something new to pass the time. If there was less minor tasks and more group missions that catered for teams with different level characters then that would be sweet.

The slashing and healing became so mundane that I snuck in a few rounds of MW3’s Spec Ops (survival mode). The mind needed something a little different (but was ironically just as repetitive), and that’s probably the reason why I was hesitant to try an MMORPG in the first place.

Also, the $15 a month is a bit steep for a game that I have only spent a couple of days on. That financial model almost conditions you to change your lifestyle to reap the most out of your Star Wars experience. I can’t live a life where I have to play the same game over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over again.

A good buddy of mine recommended Anarchy Online, a free-to-play MMORPG with loads of content. Did I mention it’s free?

At the moment my TOR subscription is on hold while I revist BF3 and Kane’s Wrath multiplayer. BF3 is kind of boring on your own, it is a team-based shooter so that makes sense. And you can never play enough C&C!

Come on Diablo III, hurry up.



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