Like Kane I have returned to guide the Brotherhood on its inevitable journey of tiberium enrichment … sort of.  My sincere apologies everybody. Since my last post I have been occupied by a range of obligations and life events that have kept me from contributing to this poor excuse of a blog.
Lisa birthed a CS sniper prodigy, Benjamin Salvatore Applebee, in August so now I am playing CS:GO to maintain the experience advantage. Congratulations to Cal and his beautiful family.

September this year was amazing. I married my beloved, Katie, and our day was most splendiferous. The weather held for the ceremony at Mambourin and the rain started to fall after the photos were taken. The reception was equally memorable.

I saw Dredd at the cinema and I loved it. Excellent action flick with a variety of gruesome deaths and contextualised use of ‘slow mo’ special effects.

So I’m back! Remember National Novel Writing Month? That NaNoWriMo thing where you write a novel, or flood a Word document with incoherent nasties, for a solid month? Well, I have failed this task in the past and I am probably setting myself up for another fail. That’s right people, I’m gonna do it again.

I am inspired by Clive Barker’s premise for The Scarlet Gospels: a novel that has not been published yet. Barker is not impressed with the Hellraiser franchise, specifically the string of dodgy sequels that he had nothing to do with, which is why he  intends to kill off the iconic antagonist Pinhead. Artisitic closure? I like the idea.

How does this relate to NaNoWriMo? There are characters of my own that I want to get out of the way so that I can move on creatively. My experiment this November will be to revisit an old novel idea, merge characters and essentially ruin fictional lives while telling a story that does not get bogged down with the politics of an entire planet. Keep it simple, I say.

Updates to follow.

Peace through power.


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