YouTube is the new Idiot Box

Whenever you find yourself idly scrolling up and down a list of YouTube vids and  going from a video clip to a documentary to something vaguely relevant to the original search you should probably stop what you’re doing and go back to whatever it is you’re avoiding. Meh. Net surfing is fun. The following ‘top picks’ are the results of chance, strange conversations and randomness. This is a cautionary tale …

Experimental and aggressive, Death Grips embraces the dark corners of the human experience and returns to the light with this barely comprehensible noise. The more I watch the more I like. Not sure why?

Master Moe Foe deals a hilarious hand when he calls a fetish service. See 2:56. If you like what you see he has a channel full of pranks.

Some say ‘it’s horrible’  while others watch because words fail to describe what’s going on. Ok, I’ll try: prosthetic masks, swinging penises … stroller.

Toby’s monologues are usually amusing. Especially when he plays frustrating games.

Remember this Auto-Tune the News classic? Pullled under by a rip, rip tide of lies … rubbin and huggin; ticklin and jumpin … pure poppycock … my boss tickles me a like a true g …

Found this uploader/genius via Kenny Hotz.

Finally, we can all relate to this.




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