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Rock out with your glock out

So Grand Theft Auto V is due this September. This will probably be the second last new release title I purchase for my Xbox 360. For those who have not seen the teasers there are three playable protagonists: Michael, the wealthy mid-life crisis guy; Franklin, the token black dude; and Trevor, the crazy white fella. The one thing these people have in common? They’re males. Rockstar missed an opportunity here. Why can’t we play as a chick? Is it because the narrative scope is trained exclusively for a hetero male audience? At least Saints Row allows players to design their own character whether they be male, female or something that barely resembles a human.

It’s unfair to judge a game by it’s cover so the scrutiny will resume when I play the damn thing. GTA junkies are probably sinking more hours to get their fix. If you cannot be bothered going back and you need something to tide you over until September then have a crack at Red Dead Redemption for something a little more mature.


The ‘S’ stands for soap

The 2013 Superman reboot was terrible. The Dark Knight formula simply does not have the same appeal when your hero is wearing bright PJs. Whispers on the web mention a Man of Steel sequel to feature Batman. It’s like Warner Bros. need to rope in Gotham’s greatest detective to make the new Supes half decent. Ah well, stick to the comics and the animated flicks to avoid disappointment.


Robert Downey Jr.

Iron Man 3 was a better movie than Man of Steel. And that really hurts to admit because I generally prefer DC Comics over Marvel. Hehe, Robert Downey Juuuuuuuuuuunior.



Need to get in shape? Is that shape a box? Step into the box. Easy. Oh,  you mean that figuratively. Well, fool, you could always spend $5 a session at the 24:7 Platinum Fitness Club and walk/jog/run on their treadmills. Mix up your workout with bench presses, free weights and other machines. Alternatively,  let your Wii console motivate you.



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