Calling All Boys

Listening to Tool (10,000 Days), writing into the evening, being told by the wife to turn it down. *sigh* Angels on the sideline, again.

Do you like the book I found at Mr Pickwick’s? The title, surprisingly, caught my attention before the blue box. I imagine the Valeyard, or a future incarnation of the Doctor, who kidnaps children and restrains them in a dungeon deep within the bowels of the TARDIS. The Doctor did, after all, hang around with Susan a lot. Maybe that line of storytelling would be more appropriate for Torchwood?


Tis a busy time hence the lack of blogisodes from your humble narrator. Wedding anniversary to the Blue Mountains was awesome and I will, over time, develop the highlights (minus the bed-time nasties) into Weekendnotes morsels for public consumption.

WN has a few new entries due to another wave of writerly madness.

Very soon NaNoWriMo starts again. You know, where you task yourself with writing 50,000 words in the space of a month. Brutal deadline. I always fail myself. Well 2013 will be different, dagnammit. I have the perfect reward system to succeed this year, Arkham Origins. Yes, I can only play the latest Batman game if I meet weekly goals. How can I lose? Regular updates to follow regarding my novel output progress during November.

Time for me to log off before I write fan-fic that involves Time Lords and orphanages.


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