Jim Butcher at Supanova

Pokémon, according to Jim Butcher, is Shinto meets professional wrestling. The bestselling author from Missouri trolled and delighted fans during a Q&A seminar at Supanova (Melbourne Showgrounds) last weekend.

Surprisingly, the turnout for the Q&A was quite small. This was not a bad thing as the seminar had a pleasant and intimate feel to it. Everybody behaved and respected the man. Well …

While most of the attendees asked canon-specific questions in an attempt to determine whether their favourite characters would return in future novels and/or short stories there were also a few lame and repetitive questions asked, which Jim responded to in the most blunt and hilarious ways imaginable such as: ‘I don’t have to tell you’ and ‘have you even read my books?’.

One fan asked whether a particular court of vampires would cross paths with the character Harry Dresden again. To paraphrase the longwinded answer: if Harry crossed paths with these vampires he wouldn’t be aware of it; maybe he already has encountered these particular vampires and didn’t realise … or maybe I just made all of that up.

I admit I only recently finished reading the first novel of The Dresden Files series so during the Q&A I was only vaguely aware of the stuff that he had published. While the references to his prose went mostly over my head, Jim’s eloquent and direct responses to audience was awesome. Jim would occasionally use a question as a springboard to tell a brief anecdote too.

Jim loves the MMO City of Heroes and regaled us with a story where he played online as his own Harry Dresden character. The developers made contact with Jim to advise that ‘Harry Dresden’ cannot be used in the game due to copyright issues. Jim informed the devs that he is the actual author that owns the rights …

Sadly, the Q&A came to an end. The facilitator did a fantastic job of passing the mic. Good job.

Later that day we lined up by Jim’s special table at Supanova and scored autographs. We even managed to get a photo with the guy. Sadly, the photo will not be uploaded because it’s just embarrassing. I do that rat-faced squint leaning-forward thing while my Cultural Advisor for the day, Alex, also posesd awkwardly. Totally worth it though.

This was my first Supanova experience (thanks Alex). The convention also featured cosplay, queues, BO, comics, prints, celebrities and more. If you like crowded spaces, waiting in lines, and tolerating random nerds gush about stuff then Supanova is the place to be.





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