TV will rot your eyes and melt your brain

TV shows. Yeah, I watch a lot of crud when I should be copywriting fresh content or playing computer games or doing the dishes or cooking dinner or feeding the birds or combing the dog or exsanguinating goats on the Samsung altar to appease the marriage Gods. So they—FOX—axed my favourite new series Almost Human. Bastards. I hope that Karl Urban pushes for a Dredd sequel because I needs my SF fix, man.

The thing that killed Almost Human, aside from a major corporation that purposefully sabotaged it, was the focus on episodic procedural shit rather than elaborating on the greater story arc’s mysteries that held potential to be awesome. Now we’ll never know what was beyond the wall. *sigh*

So how did the other programs fare?


Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. season one was awesome post Captain America: The Winter Solder. When Bill Paxton entered the story as bad-arse-bad-guy dude you knew the finale was going to end well. And it did … well, sort of. Nick Fury’s cameo appearance was just an excuse for Samuel Jackson to crack jokes with Agent Coulson while the other agents pulled all of the weight.

Agent Ward’s road to redemption is going to be craptastic so why not push things even further? I would rather see an agent go beyond the point of no return rather than a predictable but-he’s-good-on-the-inside-because-he-has-that-weakness approach at salvation.

Hail Hydra.


CW’s Arrow season two was extraordinary. Consistent action, people die and the story carries on. Every character has their role to play in Starling City and it’s those moments where the little guys and gals take their moment in the spotlight that emphasises the strength of the writing.

Oliver Queen has to adapt to another paradigm shift and his current circumstances are constantly compared to relevant flashbacks. The brawl between Arrow and Deathstroke was just a drop in the ocean when you consider the entire city is at war with a militant faction of goons hopped up on mirakuru (Japanese for ‘miracle’?).

Naming a character Nyssa (cool-ass-League-assassin chick) will also have a profound impact on my psyche because I adore the name (of Doctor Who fame).

The wait for season three will be rough but at least CW have commissioned a series of The Flash and then there’s Gotham


I’m halfway through the TV serial Fargo and it’s not too bad. If you’ve seen the movie then you have a rough idea on what to expect. Billy Bob Thornton plays himself, I guess. He’s a guy that sews all kinds of chaos and destruction in a Canadian town by saying the right thing to ensure something bad prevails.

Martin Freeman plays a salesman that smacks his wife in the face with a ball-peen hammer out of frustration and unintentionally muders her. A chance meeting with Billy Bob’s character means hilarity ensues.

As the story unfolds events becomes more and more horrific and convenient for all players concerned. This is all based on a true story. *shudders*

What else is there?

For those who enjoyed American Horror Story you may find Penny Dreadful and Salem to your liking … or not. True Blood‘s final season is due next month too.


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