First Impressions: Better Call Saul

From the moment we met the shonky criminal lawyer in Breaking Bad I knew the actor/comic/genius Bob Odenkirk deserved his own television series. Before he assumed the pseudonym Saul Goodman (it’s all good, man) the balding motor mouth was better known by his birth name James McGill or his nickname Slippin’ Jimmy.


After watching the opening two-parter I am confident that Better Call Saul will not disappoint. The first few minutes indicate a flash forward that plants a lot of seeds for the direction of this season. Saul (name tag: Gene) has cultivated a moustache and works at a Cinnabon presumably hiding from dangerous individuals (possibly drug-related?).

Business is slow for James McGill. Bills are overdue, clients are going elsewhere and the office is a boiler room for a nail/beauty salon. Times were truly tough prior to working with Walter White.

McGill is at his most noble when he helps an eccentric colleague (mentor?) Chuck—a former partner and founder of a law firm—to make a claim for his fair share of the company.


Desperate for money, and slippin’, McGill conspires with two skateboarders to orchestrate a car injury scam.

The cliffhanger for episiode one, ‘Uno’, is hilarious. Fans of Breaking Bad will love the cameo appearances (one in particular was unexpected and totally worthwhile). The show still works, though, if you are not familiar with the Breaking Bad mythos.


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