Happy New Year (2016)

The team at Word Tweak are back in action after a pleasant break from the rigours of full-time employment. It’s 2016! And we have some exciting surprises to share with you all in the coming months. I can’t divulge too much just yet. Let’s just say that you should expect to see more stuff happening on a regular basis. We do like stuff.

More Reviews and Events 

One of our mad schemes for this year involves developing more content for your consumption. That’s right, we’ve already started churning out fresh words.

Do you enjoy classic board games? What about the interactive DVD ones? We recently played Atmosfear and  Khufu the Mummy. If you enjoy this sort of thing stay tuned for our thoughts on Atmosfear: The Harbingers (coming soon).

We love music. We also love branding musicians with labels in a futile attempt to separate the indie rockers from the acid trippers and the whistle blowers. It’s a post-modern apartheid, I-tell-you-what!

This year we’re proactively engaging with a variety of artistic folk to celebrate their contributions to planet Earth and beyond. Didirri and Jordan Clay are about to embark on their ‘Home,’ tour while performers and visual artists are set to impress the masses at Voltaire Club as part of their ‘Creative Culture’ event.

Exciting Times, Yo

That’s all for now. Be sure to check in for more delicious treats. We like to tweak words.



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