Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels

Stock images. You see them everywhere. Dentists love to flaunt smiling, elderly white couples with their all-on-4 dental implants while consultants have a thing for dudes in uniform pointing at whiteboards, tablets and computer screens. Why do businesses persist with using generic photographs and lame images? It’s all about time and money, sadly.


Look at these crazy guys talking about SIEM benefits. Image: commons.wikimedia.org

The inner businessperson says: Why pay for a decent photographer when you can download some sweet, sweet stock? Better yet, let’s just roll with something simple to make our website fit in with the competition. The inner creative says: Surely, there’s merit in presenting unique art rather than settling for sloppy seconds?


Captivating, Original Images Demand Your Attention

When you see the same old poses over and over again you start to gloss over the details. In some situations this is ok, I guess. But if you’re striving for a point of difference to sell a product or a service then what better way to promote your brand than to use your own visual media?


Pow! It’s the Justice League of the 41st millenium …

Next time you Google your local GP have a squiz at their website. Notice anything familiar about their visual design? I find that the businesses that choose to use their own photography to showcase their clinic/office/warehouse/shed/boat tend to stand out and look more professional than their half-arsed rivals. Half arsed? Does that have a crack?

One of my clients once said that he received a complaint from a rival business owner because they were using the same stock image for the same service. That’s right, someone whinged about fair use. I have also seen bizarre cases where the general public confused two completely different cake stores as belonging to the same franchise due to similar logos and marketing strategies. Come on, people.

Be Free, Be You


Put your pants back on. We’re not talking about sprinting to your nearest nude beach (that’s a topic for another time). We want to see what your brand does. We’re sick of seeing recurring cliches. Our eyes want fresh eye candy, man. So grab a camera and snap some shots. If you happen to know someone savvy enough to edit your amatuerish attempts, even better.

So save your iStock money and invest in your own creative pursuits. It’s time to refresh your visual website design on your terms.


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