Music Videos That Get Me Right in the Feels

Have you ever found yourself obsessed with listening to the same song over and over and over and over? Some of my favourite tracks are associated with memorable cinematic moments. Here a couple that instantly spring to mind.

Baby Blue—Badfinger

Breaking Bad fans that made it to the end will know this 70s classic well. ‘Baby Blue’ in this context is overtly referencing Walter White’s drug manufacturing exploits.

Similarly, Crystal Blue Persuasion pairs perfectly with the show.

Don’t Stop Believin’—Journey

There’s something special about powerful moments in television and great music. The Sopranos ended on an ambiguous note that teased the fans for years. The final scene shows Tony and his family dining in a restaurant. The last shot is Tony looking up as someone enters the diner. We assume it’s his daughter however I like to speculate that an assassination is imminent.

The credits roll Would there be a follow-up move to wrap up all loose ends? Sadly, that won’t be possible now because we have lost the legendary James Gandolfini. I always thought David Chase would amplify the consequences of messing with the Russians (Pine Barrens) but instead


Did you ever see the original 26-episode run of Neon Genesis Evangelion (1995)? This mecha anime has everything from conspiracy theories and teen angst to kawai babes and post-apocalyptic shit. If you like religious symbolism, clever directing and wading through a mental sea of cryptic dialogue then Evangelion is your wet dream.

The last two episodes of the TV series left fans disappointed. Our Lord and Saviour, Hideaki Anno, retconned the original ending with his 1997 feature film, The End of Evangelion. And, boy, does it pack poetic punches. I have nothing but praise for this brilliant film. One particular song in the OST is essentially a sad/happy suicide note that encapsulates the tone of this tragedy perfectly. It’s melancholic, cathartic, beautiful.

The Eva franchise continues in the form of a rebuild quadrilogy. Hopefully the new plot doesn’t go tumbling down, tumbling down …

Fifth Doctor Titles (Doctor Who – BBC)

That star field and thobbing synthtastic bass forms one of my fondest and earliest memories of sentience. Yes, Doctor Who nourishes my nostalgic needs every time. Whenver I’m feeling low and need something to pick me up I can be assured that Peter Davison and his TARDIS team are always there to fight for cosmic justice. A man is the sum of of his memories, you know. Thanks Dad.

Space Crusade (Gremlin)

I recall being told off in Primary School for writing the same diary entry for over four consecutive weeks. On the weekend I played Space Crusade. What?

It’s true.

Of all of the Amiga games I liked to play, Gremlin’s adaptation of Games Workshop’s popular board game was brilliant. You command a squad of space marines, raid a spaceship and blast orks, androids, chaos marines and rubble! My favourite trick was to squish dreadnoughts with the doors. Fun times. So much fun, in fact, that the soundtrack is permanently ingrained somewhere deep in my psyche.

Hey look, I recorded myself playing an inferior DOS emulation. Pity I didn’t synchronise the audio with the action …

M4 (Part II)—Faunts

Mass Effect is space opera at its finest. A sci-fi roleplaying game that has so much lore and intrigue that I’m surprised we don’t have a TV series or a slew of official feature films celebrating our favourite Turian, Garrus Vakarian. You play as Commander Shepard, the first human Spectre. During your playthrough you will meet an ensemble cast of quirky characters and immerse yourself in a busy galaxy.

All good things must come to an end, however. As the credits roll we listen to an apt tune with the chilling lyrics ‘where will you be when this is through?’. Having played the trilogy, upon reflection, M4 (Part II) carries a powerful message that foreshadows catastrophe. That is, the catastrophe that was Mass Effect 3.

So, where will you be when this is through?


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