Preacher Season One Review

I binge-watched ten episodes of Preacher, season one, over the weekend and left the TV satisfied in the knowledge that our unlikeable protagonist has embarked on an interesting mission with an Irish vampire and a tough chick riding shotgun. Part of me wished that the season started with this closing scene because everything leading up to that point was drawn out and bizarre.

Dominic Cooper is the preacher man. Image via IMDB

Tonally, this graphic novel adaptation from AMC feels a little off. Maybe that’s the point? I think this series missed its mark in terms of balancing black comedy, action and drama with the religious and philosophical subject matter. At times the drama was thick with mystery and intrigue; and other times we see silly townsfolk do and say stupid shit. Is this satire of small town America?

The plot is fairly solid. Man with morally ambiguous past comes home to run the church and save the town; he finds himself in possession of an entity that grants him a special gift, like the voice of God, and he attracts the attention of two strange suits. Along the way we also meet Cassidy, an Irish fella that brings the comic relief, and preacher’s ex-girlfriend, Tulip, an outlaw with attitude.

Image via IMDB

We also meet the mayor and the pianist for the church and her family. A boy with a puckered anus for a mouth; something straight out of a South Park episode and there’s the sheriff and the company man who is obsessed with meat. And then there are the town hicks and other random folk.

I wanted to love this show but it never really rises from its own mediocrity. I love the ideas that this show plays with but I couldn’t care less for the people in this little world. Perhaps, now that the premise of the show is set up, things will improve with a second season and we might see better characterisation.

Anatol Yusef and Tom Brooke in their cowboy suits. Image via IMDB.

I thoroughly enjoyed watching the two suits go about their business. They were the most interesting, entertaining and likeable of all the characters in this protracted drama. To say more about them would spoil the smidgen of fun that Preacher has to offer.

Have you seen Preacher? What did you think of it?


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