An Official Doctor Who Tabletop Wargame!

Hey, y’all. Warlord Games announced last year that they have ‘… secured the licence to produce a miniatures game based on the BBC’s enormously popular TV series, Doctor Who.’

So far, we haven’t seen any major updates other than teasers for some of the figurines. Looks like Warlord Games are pushing the Peter Capaldi and David Tennant Doctors for pre-order with their coterie of charming companions. Me, I’m more of a Peter Davison kind of guy so hopefully we see some of the earlier incarnations in future releases so that I can wear the cricket outfit and chew on some celery while rolling dice.


And what kind of enemies will our TARDIS team face off against? Who knows (geddit?). I wanna see an Anthony Ainley Master sculpt and as well as a handful of Earthshock-era cybermen. Did someone say we’re in the Death Zone?

This game is so fresh we don’t even know what the rules are yet! Let’s put our speculation fez on. I reckon we’re in for some sort of objective-based affair where the rules will be simplified to the point where gaming grumps and other elderly armchair generals will whinge and groan about how streamlined everything is.

Who cares? Well, I do. The rules will determine whether we cling to fan-made conversions of popular titles like Bolt Action or if tabletop wargamers continue to adapt other skirmish rulesets like SuperSystem and This Is Not A Test.

Anyway, we’ve got some copywriting to do. Sorry, must dash.




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