Solutions are the Bane of a Copywriter’s Existence

Solutions are the bane of a copywriter’s existence. Businesses in the commercial and industrial sectors, in particular, like to boast about how their products and services will solve all your problems. And why wouldn’t they? Consumers need a reason to invest in you. If your shit doesn’t solve a problem then what’s the point, right?

Maybe it’s the repetition of the word ‘solutions’ that really clots my ink pot. Look around you. Surf the web and browse your favourite sheet metal fabrication company’s home page. Chances are, they probably talk about solutions that are more solutiony than their rival solutionators.

So what do you do to escape the popular solution crowd? Sometimes you just can’t avoid it. The answer is moderation. Think about how you use the troublesome noun. Rather than be vague about your solution, spell it out. Tell us precisely what you mean.

When you start using jargon and fancy keyword strings in your copy you will notice that the sentences become longer and harder to read. Where possible, avoid complicating your writing. Corporate and technical content does not have to be inacessible. You want to engage readers, yes?

Looking at blocks of incoherent text on-screen for hours can make it difficult to objectively edit so I recommend the Hemingway App. Simply copy, paste and cry as you look at the colourful highlights that show you where there’s too much passive voice, shitty adverbs and more.

I should practice what I preach …

So, is this a good solution for your solution woes?


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