Save Angels with 3 Breaths

Did you read about the Gumtree widower who was looking for a new fishing mate and scored a generous vacation instead? Now that’s the good kind of clickbait: A genuine heart-warming story about two blokes bonding over a common passion. We need more stories like this.

Helping people, simply giving with no expectation for anything in return, is a noble way to live but often comes with personal sacrifice and compromises. There are some among us who give so frequently and willingly that they never get the chance to follow their dreams. What if you could do something to make a positive difference?

Charity, Corporate Sponsorship and So Much More

Serena Helsham, Founder of 3 Breaths, is working hard to reward ‘angels’, community heroes who are deserving of a well-earnt break.

We aim to seek out angels in the community who have given their life in service and deliver an unforgettable travel experience with the assistance of corporate sponsorships, charities …

3 Breaths is currently crowdfunding for a documentary. This is an exciting opportunity to see how coordinated philanthropist efforts can be a strong force for change and empowerment. Join the team on their adventure as they explore the world and learn more about the angels that they help.

The first trip is from Fiji and Queenstown, following the inspiring story of Villisoni Vakatalai on his hardships of poverty, and destruction due to natural disasters like cyclone Winston. His courage and determination for the safety and good of those around him he continued his selflessness in helping the community with hosting and directing volunteers to his village for education and rebuilding …

Donate for a Good Cause Today

Contribute to the 3 Breaths documentary fundraiser today and help them reach their goal of $20,000. Every donation counts. Visit the 3 Breaths website for more information.



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