Prince’s Gambit by Onyx Path Publishing

Do you enjoy social deduction card games like Werewolf or The Resistance? You know, those fast-paced party icebreakers where you and your guests gather around a table and then accuse each other of being the bad guy? There’s generally a lot of shouting and laughing in this entertaining milieu of paranoia, seriousness and absurdity.

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It only seems natural that this genre of social card games would embrace the likes of the RPG World of Darkness setting Vampire: The Masquerade.

Onyx Path Publishing are promoting a new Kickstarter campaign to crowdfund the publication of Prince’s Gambit. Check it out. There’s a gameplay demo and lots of information to sink your teeth into.

The night is young as you step into the VIP room of the hottest nightclub in town. You’re one of the leaders of the city’s vampire clans, and you’ve been summoned to meet with the Prince, along with your Machiavellian peers.

As each Primogen enters, the candles flicker as you stare into their eyes. The politics of the undead are always deadly, but there’s a heightened danger tonight. Because you know that at least one of the vampires staring back at you is a traitor, a member of the nefarious Sabbat.

The Prince demands that you work together on a series of intrigues. It’s a risk, but you’re already part of the deadly game. You have to see the Prince’s gambit through to the bitter end.


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