Easter eBook Special

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Happy Easter!




Hypophora Volume 1 Now Available

The Wyndham Community and Education Centre has published a creative arts journal. Hypophora, the first volume, is now available. Have a look. There’s poetry and short fiction and imagery and music and there’s even an essay on the history of Doctor Who!

Congratulations to the teachers and students involved in the production of this anthology; you’ve developed a strong foundation to experiment with intertextuality. Thank you, Wyndham CEC and friends for providing a fresh platform for creatives to express themselves.


And for that ‘sonic diversity’, listen to these tracks via Bandcamp. Musical talent includes Kaonashi, Lehmann B Smith and Hsar Pweh Hsar.

If you like what you see and hear, donate some dollars to Wyndham CEC. If you would like to contribute to this exciting new project, look at the submissions guidelines.